CNPMentors Resources

Here at CNPMentors we believe in sharing our knowledge so over time we’ll have more and more free resources available to the public.  This is the place you’ll find those resources along with our public marketing material and other downloads.

This one sheet (PDF) is all about our featured service, Hybrid Coaching/Educaiton Service, which will help any company improve their Payemnts, Fraud and Business while lowering chargeback and fraud and raising Lifetime Value.

This is another of our featured services where we, as quickly as possible, get you out of trouble with the Visa and Mastercard Monitoring programs.  Scott has done this numerous times in his career for dozens of companies so we know it works!

Scott E. Adams’ Bio – our founder and principal consultant specializing in Payments, Ecommerce and Fraud/Risk while lowering chargebacks and improving LTV (especially since he’s been doing this stuff for over 20+years for his own companies and many others)

Mari Perroni’s Bio – our partner and principal consultant specializing in Customer Service, Cultural Awareness, Localization and also Fraud and Payments (especially International since she’s lived in many countries and speaks 4 languages)

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No matter your skill level or situation, we’d love to hear from you.  Sign up to get our free mini-course on the Monitoring Programs, contact us for help with your business and/or let us know if you have ideas for our next courses or even if you just have some feedback or want to talk shop.