Monitoring Program Rescue Service

If you’re in or close to in a card brand monitoring program, I’m sure you’re racking your brain to get below or stay below thresholds … 0.9% is so hard to maintain!  Scott and team will get you under threshold fast!

Learn how to beat this unfair system …

Online Learning

CNPMentors has mini-courses and other online learning material for you to learn how to get your chargeback and fraud rates down fast and do so while not losing too many good sales.  The idea is to come out of this with a better lifetime value and ROI, not less.

Access to Experts

Throughout our program you have access to our team via email or messaging programs to ask questions and get help when you need it.

Weekly Calls

Weekly calls with Scott and/or team to discuss individualized solutions and help make sure you’re progressing quickly and have all your questions answered while knowing what needs to be done next.

All of the above educational content is included for anyone who is part of our Hybrid Coaching Program.

Chargeback Help

If you just receive a letter or email from your processor informing you that your chargebacks are too high and/or that you’re in a processing program, you’re not alone! Our founder, Scott Adams, has been there with his own companies and at the side of numerous others from mom and pop shops to fortune 500 companies. Now he wants to help you understand the programs and how to adjust your business to lower your chargebacks for good.

There are lots of programs.  Every card brand has a few plus the alternative payments often have their own too. Visa is often first to flag a merchant in to its Visa Dispute Monitoring Program (VDMP) or the Visa Fraud Monitoring Program.  Mastercard often follows with their Mastercard Excessive Chargeback Program (ECP) or their Mastercard Fraud Monitoring Program (FMP). These have scary names and if it’s your first time in one you are probably going to panic, but you will survive, especially if you get some help navigating the system. That’s where we come in!

Let us help you escape from Chargeback Hell!

Monitoring Program Rescue Service


We will work with you to get your company out of the programs fast!  Scott has spent 20+ years helping merchants with these programs and has yet to have one who stuck to his advice not get out of the program.  Scott and team will go over your business with you to find the cause of your issues and help you devise solutions to lower your chargebacks.

The sooner you act the better.  The programs start fining you fast and chargebacks and fraud tend to multiple if not addressed immediately.  We can get you under threashold in a matter of months without losing good sales.  Just let us help!

Get Educated, Get Help and/or Get Involved

No matter your skill level or situation, we’d love to hear from you.  Sign up to get our free mini-course on the Monitoring Programs, contact us for help with your business and/or let us know if you have ideas for our next courses or even if you just have some feedback or want to talk shop.