Primer Service

The idea of our Primer Service is for start ups or newer merchants to use our expertise to make the right decisions early in their evolution so that they don’t get in to trouble later.

Merchant Accounts

We can help you get the right merchant accounts with providers who understand your type of business and whom we have great relationships with.  This lowers your risk or issues and if you have any problems the relationships ensure that you/we will know before it becomes a bigger problem.

Vendor Selection

When a company is new and does not have experts in payments and fraud they generally have no idea who to turn to for services in this space.  What services do you need?  We can help.  We’ve been in the space for 20+ years we know the providers strengths and weaknesses and can help to match your business.

Best Practices

Often when a merchant sets up a new service they aren’t sure what the best practices are for using it.  We can help you with best practices, procedures, processes and other education to get you up and running and growing fast.  This way you can avoid the common pitfalls and do things right the first time.


Primer Service

Scott was a merchant for many years and is always still working in the space.  He’s started numerous businesses and help many new companies get things off the ground.  Our primer service let’s you “inherit” all of that experience so that you can make good decisions in payments and fraud as you are starting up and then get back to what you’re good at … building your business.  You can check out Scott’s Bio if you’d like and then contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Get Educated, Get Help and/or Get Involved

No matter your skill level or situation, we’d love to hear from you.  Sign up to get our free mini-course on the Monitoring Programs, contact us for help with your business and/or let us know if you have ideas for our next courses or even if you just have some feedback or want to talk shop.